About Us

Our Story

The company was started by videographer Mazi O. soon after leaving WorldstarHipHop. Initially we focused on aggregation and content creation. iDOIT4TV became another web channel with a slightly more opinionated staff, but we also built some incredible relationships along the way.

Eventually we noticed the change in how people consumed content on a regular basis, it went from Radio, to TV, to Computers, then to mobile devices.

iDOIT4TV, realized that brands and celebrities had a heavy reliance upon tech, but they also had a lack of knowledge on how to best use it to engage their clients or fanbase.


Meet the Team

We pride ourselves on having assembled an eclectic team of super heroes.



Founder & CEO

He has the unique ability of blending in with furniture.



Genius Marketing

If you tell him on Monday at 8am you need it by 9am, he'll have it by 7am.




The human calculus calculator of all things calculable.

Think we're cool?

We're always ready for a meeting to talk about great ideas and plans.